I'm Danielle.

I’m a lover of Mexican food, craft beer, and Gelato Messina. Throw into the mix a mariachi band playing as I eat and drink, and that would be my idea of heaven. 

At a wedding, you’ll catch me singing along to the tunes as I capture dance floor action, and I’m more than happy to bust a move at the end of the evening (my forte is the running man). During a family shoot, I have no shame - you'll see me rolling around the grass with the kiddos, debating the best ice-cream flavours and unashamedly playing. Proper silly play.

I’m a massive animal lover, and if you have a pet, I’ll positively encourage you to include them in your session. I love to travel, I love new adventures, and most of all, I love telling love stories.

All the photos on this page - capturing me and my little family - are courtesy of the one and only Miriam of Life is Beautiful

A photographer of people.

Being a photographer is about capturing love stories in the most honest, authentic, and meaningful way. I don’t just turn up to a shoot with a preconceived idea or agenda. I simply observe how you interact with one another in your environment and capture all that is unique to you. That is, when you see your photos, you see more than just a pretty picture. You see you – the way you hold hands, the way your bodies fall into one another, the crinkled noses when you laugh, and the way you hold one another’s glance.

Your photos will transport you back in time and bring with it all the feelings, senses and emotions that you felt on this day.

To me, that is a truly extraordinary thing to be able to do for people.

What gets me out of bed each day.

I’m creative at heart, so to be able to work in a creative space each and every day feels like I’ve hit the jackpot. I love my clients – I feel genuinely blessed to have crossed paths with so many incredible people who I now call friends. I get to laugh each day, I get to be immersed in love, and I get to go to gorgeous places, be embraced by the most beautiful friends and family, and go to bed each night with a full heart.

Let's talk gear.

I shoot with two camera bodies and a shit-tonne (technical term) of memory cards. I avoid carrying too much gear - I prefer being mobile, inconspicuous and able to focus entirely on what's happening in front of me without distraction.

FAVOURITE city - edinburgh

When I'm not taking photos?

I’ll probably be thinking about my next meal. Whether it be a cosy bowl of pasta at home or going out for something new and delicious, I love food. I love gin. I love long drives somewhere beautiful, and spending time with my favourites - Beth and Winnie.

favourite gin - taylor & smith

Words I live by.

What's life but one grand adventure? It’s so important to live with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to learn and grow continually. embrace the changes and challenges that life inevitably brings.

favourite gelato messina- hansel

Behind the scenes

Go behind-the-scenes with Sian and Tenille, and Kate and Maili, to see how the most relaxed, natural sessions makes for the most beautiful photos.