This isn't about just taking photos. It's about capturing your story - the interactions and connections with the people you love, in the places you love - so that in years to come, you can relive the feelings, emotions and sensations that you felt at this time. More than just pretty pictures, I'm capturing your story in the most authentic way where nothing is contrived, nor manufactured. Real people, real life full of real heart. 

Grab a cuppa, get comfy and spend some time exploring the beautiful stories of my amazing clients. And if you feel these images resonate with you, then get in touch as I'd love to capture your story in this way too.

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Wedding Portfolio


From the modest backyard gathering to epic weekend getaways in the country, all love is great and all weddings magnificent.

I invite you to spend some time exploring my portfolio, immersing yourself in the stories of my couples to determine whether my documentary style over posed perfection is a good fit for you.

In exchange for a wonderful sense of adventure, trust and willingness to really show the love you have for your one and only, I'll tell your story in a series of emotive, meaningful images. 

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Family Portfolio


My lifestyle photography sessions are perfect for families and a celebration of the many beautiful moments that happen each and everyday, that only when they are no more, do we really appreciate how special they were. Simple things like lazy Sunday mornings in bed, or the stroll to the dog park, picnics, parties and road trips to the beach for ice-cream.

And then there are the big moments. The calm before the storm when you are pregnant, anticipating how your life will change inexplicably - wonderfully - in just a few weeks' time. Or baby's arrival home and those precious, tiring days afterwards, when you are all falling in love with one another. 


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