what is your style?

I have an overall documentary style and my clients want me to capture organic, naturally occurring interactions between one another, their families and if applicable, their wedding guests. Sure, I will grab a few posed, smiling photos to delight the grandparents (who still desire these photos more than anyone!) but mostly, it's all about letting you connect, laugh and love in the most natural way possible. 

what is we are really awkward in front of camera?!

There's nothing to be nervous about, I promise. My approach is to blend in with your day and capture everything as it happens naturally. I’ll give some gentle direction when we take portraits, but my goal is to give you a collection of photos that reflect what it really felt like on the day. You don't need to think about posing, I’ll help you relax and we'll take some beautiful, creative images. Really, it's the in between shots that I'm after. Those are the ones full of real smiles and personality.

how long does it take to receive my photos? 

Within 48 hours of your wedding day or session, a sneak peek will be available via Facebook and Instagram. This is a fantastic way to not only see the goodness that is coming your way, but to share this with your family and friends.

Newlyweds will be invited in for their image reveal session no later than six weeks after your wedding, and portrait-session clients will be invited no later than three weeks after your session. All orders must be placed within 5 days of your image reveal appointment and delivery of your full order will be 3 weeks following placement of your order.