How would you describe your style?

My photography style is very laid back – more of a natural, unobtrusive documentary approach to capturing all the moments big and small that will make up your day. Of course there are a few posed shots you should have, mainly family photographs. Other shots, while may be constructed are done so to look “unposed” in the photograph. Many times you will hear me say “Just hold hands, walk towards me and chat away as you go”. This isn’t posed, but I am aware of the outcome I am looking for. We will have a laugh together, it will be relaxed, it will be fun.  

Do you work from a shot list?

When it comes to family portraits at a wedding, then yes - I will ask you for a list of those people combinations so we can get through these as efficiently as possible and make sure no one is forgotten. Apart from that, you won't see my head down in a shot list. I will keep my head up and see what is unfolding naturally in front of me.

Will we ever have to say "cheese!"?

I have a natural, documentary style so it will be extremely rare that I will stand you all in front of the camera, count down from 3 and ask you all to shout cheese. And when I say rare, what I mean is, never. Saying that, I know that there are those must have shots for parents and grandparents that typically require everyone to face camera and smile and if this is important to you, then we will achieve these on the day. 

Will you photoshop?

No. I do however, review all images to make a selection of the best from the day and apply specific colour and tonal edits so that your images look their very best. I also offer advice both in the lead up to your session and on the day to ensure that what is captured at the time doesn't need timely edits. Teeth-whitening, skin corrections and skinny-conversions are not on the cards but if you do have a specific requirement, can be accommodated for an hourly fee.

How are you going to make us not look awkward?

As someone who has made it my profession in not being in front of the camera, I get the anxiety that will come from being photographed. Usually, it's my approach of quietly standing back and observing action as it happens that does the job but if necessary, I have a bag of tricks up my sleeve including stupid jokes and crazy dance moves.

How long does it take to see my images?

I know, this is the exciting part right?! You will get a sneak peek within 48 hours of your wedding and then your full gallery will be available to preview within 6 weeks of their big day.

How many images will I receive?

It's all about quality over quantity and the images presented to all clients will be those that best tell your story in the most stunning, meaningful way. For a full-day wedding coverage, you can typically expect a minimum of 400 images.

Do you offer digital files?

Yes! Wedding clients receive all final, edited high-resolution images from their day (typically, this is a minimum of 400 for full-day coverage) All digital files are saved to a recycled timber USB which in itself is pretty cool, but even better - these are magnetised and can stick to your fridge for safe keeping!

Can I share my images on social media?

Can you ever! Your images are there to be shared with friends and family. All I ask is that you give a shout out to Lightsmith Images and please, never sell or alter your images in any way.

What's required to secure your services?

A non-refundable deposit - along with a signed photography agreement - is required to reserve your date and time. For weddings, the balance is payable 4 weeks before your big day.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes! I am available to travel to any location your heart desires. All standard collection prices apply + travel free (which covers airfare | mileage | accommodation).

Why is there a picture of a man and a dog on a bed at the top of this page?

It's a very fair point - the image has nothing to do with weddings. But dang, I just LOVE this photo and it was taken during one of my in-home couples sessions of two of the most loved-up people I could ever hope to meet. Sometimes, planning a wedding can get a bit chaotic, so I hope that through all the craziness, this image of a man and his dog will make you smile.  

Are you insured?

Totally, absolutely, 100% I am. As boring as talking about insurance is, I hold public liability and public indemnity insurance. All professional photographers should be insured and many wedding venues will not allow photographers onsite without it.