Yianni + Chrissy | Brisbane Wedding, Greek Orthodox Community

Chrissy and Yianni.

It's hard to know where to begin but a good place to start is on the football pitch, because it does all come back to the beautiful game. I met Chrissy a few years ago through football, when we – along with her sisters – played at the same club. In just one season, they became family and like family, no matter what time lapses between catch ups, there’s a bond and love that will always remain.

Yianni also is a star on the pitch. Football, such a big part of their lives, featured heavily on their big day.

I loved every minute of this day. I cried, laughed, hugged, danced and sang like a banshee in the limo. I sincerely love these two amazing and ridiculously stunning people. I thank their family and friends for once again, being so welcoming and hospitable.

Chrissy and Yianni, this is your story. Much love to you both xxx