Megan + Kyle | Yamba Wedding

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It all started with a picture of a little boy.

I had captured a little boy as he sat in front of a musician, before a wedding ceremony. His little legs dangling on the bench, he sat - enthralled by Nyssa on her guitar - and I was instantly taken with him. This little boy was the son of Bec. Bec was the cousin of Phylli. Phylli, was the bride of a beautiful Byron Bay wedding last year.

As it happens, Bec was also the best friend of Megan and when Megan contacted me from Western Australia, she explained how she had spotted Bec and her little boy in an image from Phylli’s wedding. As she chatted about her friendship with Bec, I thought how wonderfully connected we all are.

A picture of a little boy - that’s how I came to capture Megan and Kyle’s wedding story.

Taking place at Yamba - a place that meant so much to this couple who had travelled across Australia to the East Coast - Megan and Kyle were to exchange vows overlooking the rock pools. I met them for the first time the day before and as the clouds parted to reveal blue skies for their rehearsal, I felt less like I was meeting strangers and more like I was being reunited with old friends. I followed them back to the motel that was almost entirely occupied by family and friends and with their adorable baby boy Toby, had the amazing opportunity to capture the final page in this particular chapter of their family story.

The following day - despite the doom and gloom forecasts of BOM - I woke to blue skies. My wife and I had breakfast and wandered up to the spot where just hours later, Megan and Kyle would wed. As we stood together looking over the ocean, sunshine warmed our bodies and we spotted dolphins in the distance. As I recalled Megan describing Yamba over the phone just a couple of weeks earlier, I now understood why this was such a special place. Already, I could feel that this was going to be a day I would remember for a very long time.

Theirs was an intimate ceremony. As the cloud closed in, so did friends and family, as though creating a protective barrier for Megan and Kyle from the storm that threatened above. With Toby always nearby - be it peeking from behind his Mum’s legs or in her arms - this was indeed, a heartfelt family affair. The stories exchanged during reception of Megan and Kyle - of the impact they had on their nearest and dearest - were so wonderfully emotional, so sincere and as Mandy and I drove back to Brisbane that evening, we exchanged our recollections of the most beautiful moments that had us both in tears.

When asked what was the one word Megan and Kyle would use to describe their relationship, the reply was besotted. As dusk fell and the sky turned shades of pinky hues, the newlyweds embraced on hill, overlooking the site where they started the next chapter of their story. Their bodies - as though they had physically moulded a space for one another - simply fell into one another. Connected, bound and utterly besotted. Soul mates, entwined.

Megan and Kyle - thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with me. Thank you for welcoming Mandy and I into your day. Thank you to your kind, warm and generous friends and family who we celebrated with and who looked out for us as though we were part of the family. Thank you for filling our hearts with your incredible love. Thank you.

This is your story xx

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