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Every other Christmas, I am fortunate enough to travel back to my wife's home of Edinburgh to catch up with our family and friends over brussel sprouts, cosy fires and Homes Under The Hammer. It's 3 weeks of pyjama-clad bliss.

Christmas of 2015 coincided with two of our closest friends making one of the biggest commitments two people can make - getting a puppy.

On a frozen, dark winters morning, I jumped in their van and chummed them to bring little Bailey home. Whatever my expectations were for shoot, I hadn't prepared for the emotion. I captured first cuddles with his parents-to-be and poignantly, last cuddles as Bailey said goodbye to his siblings. 

And then there was his beautiful mother Roxy, who made it her business to get right in the faces of Pam and Al first, to eyeball them and only then, satisfied that they were in-fact going to be the best parents for Bailey, take a step back. Her face fell as Bailey was picked up for the last time in his first home and my heart broke a little. 

My heart lifted quickly as I saw the love and adoration poured into this puppy! Kisses - countless kisses - and that moment when proud Dad brought him up the stairs to his forever home.

These are the priceless moments that I believe must be captured. The important, simple small things that are so precious, so joy-filled when looking back on them in one year, ten years, fifty years time. If you want to capture the everyday priceless moments in your life, check out my Lifestyle Portrait Sessions page or get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Pam and Al - over a year on, Bailey is so much bigger now and I can't wait to return and capture the next chapter of your family later this year.

But for now, enjoy your story once again x