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Alex + Matt | Surprise backyard wedding
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I was one of just a handful of people who knew that during their engagement party, Alex and Matt were going to announce a surprise wedding. In the lead up to their day, Alex and Matt worked tirelessly, meticulously planning each and every detail of their wedding and how they would coordinate the announcement, the transition from engagement party to wedding ceremony and the subsequent emotions that would play out.

Together, on their own, after work and on the weekends - planning, writing, creating, coordinating. Carrying what at times felt the burden of their surprise, knowing that this was how they wanted to celebrate their wedding, but for the first time ever having to keep secrets from those nearest to them.

I caught up with them late afternoon, the day before their wedding. Once again, the two of them creating the most beautiful floral arrangements - calmly, excitedly - the finishing touches on their backyard which had been completely transformed to the most incredible setting.

Then their day arrived. Guests were greeted with the biggest of smiles, big hugs and laughter. As the marquee started filling up with guests, Alex and Matt started checking the time at more regular intervals, the final check being followed by a long “we-got-this” hug.

After welcoming their guests, the announcement of the true intention of the day was made. Cue all of the happy tears and cheers and celebrations from their guests who at this moment realised that they were going to be part of something incredibly special. The gates to Alex and Matt’s backyard opened out on to a greenbelt that had benches and the newly assigned “Best Man” and “Maid of Honour” worked with other friends to tie up the handmade arbour to a paperbark tree that stood prettily at the end of the aisle. As guests poured from the backyard, Alex and her Dad shared a tearful hug before the walk down to meet Matt began.

Witnessing family and friends congratulate and celebrate the marriage of Alex and Matt was something I will never forget. Heartfelt embraces and squeezing of hands, faces being held tightly and tearful kisses. The sun set on this magical day and as night fell, I laughed, danced, sang and cried along with everyone else. I left this day, feeling as though I had spent a day with my own friends and family and for that reason, this wedding will be in my heart forever.

Alex + Matt - congratulations on pulling off the most incredible, wonderful, joyful day. It was an absolute honour to be there to capture this for you, your friends and your family.

This is your story xx

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