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Donna + Alex | Brisbane Couples Session
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I remember the moment Donna's wedding photography enquiry came through. It was a Tuesday night and I was about to run on for a social game of 7-a-side football and whilst I had just a fleeting chance to skim over the details, already I knew that this was a wedding story I wanted to capture.

You see, Donna and Alex were doing things their way. They wanted their wedding captured in a series of parts so that all that was important to them could be part of their story - their home, their three cats, their love of animals and then their celebration with family and friends. As a fellow mother of (or more accurately, slave to) three cats, Donna and I hit it off instantly and excitedly chatted about their upcoming plans.

This particular session is one of what will be three sessions in total and as a home body, I love that when it comes to telling their love story, Donna and Alex have opted for an in-home session with their cat family first. 

Okay, so in no particular order, this is what I loved about Donna & Alexs' in-home session. 

  • It was an in-home session. Simples.
  • There were cats present and included in the session.
  • Donna and Alex's fantastic lazy-Sunday afternoon vibe that made for such a fantastic shoot.
  • Cats. And the fact that having 3 cats meant I brought my wife along to assist and we drove home together excitedly chatting about the cats. Yup, that's how we roll.

Needless to say, I am so looking forward to catching up with Donna and Alex again, exploring new scenery AND having some llamas (llama teeth!!! YESSS!) along for the ride. 

But for now, Donna and Alex, this is your story xx

Where would you and the one you love best go for your couples shoot? Is home the most important place to you both, or is there a special spot in and around town that has significant meaning to you? Or, do you simply want to escape somewhere and exchange the busyness of everyday life for some fresh air and rays. The great thing is, this is your session and you have scope to make it something that completely captures who you are and how you love - authentically and meaningfully. Engagement sessions are included in all wedding collections and to find out more, get in touch and let's have a chat today.