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Welcome Bonnie | Lifestyle Newborn Session
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We met on a Friday morning. In a home set within a stunning little township just west of Brisbane on a hot October day - not a cloud in the sky and the jacarandas in full bloom, their flowers forming a purple carpet I’ll never tire of - the thermostat was quickly rising to the forecasted highs of 36 degrees.

When Laura first reached out to me, she so quickly got to the heart of what she wanted captured. Her daughter, her husband and her home were clearly her everything and quite simply, it was the need to capture all the love and happiness that was being experienced in this very moment.

And that morning - slowly, relaxed, quietly - the story of this family love unfolded. Over coffee in the shade of the back stairs, during feedings and big hands enveloping tiny ones, moments of their everyday were recorded. Between stolen kisses and sparkling water with lemon to cool the intense heat from outside, their everyday was being written. As they lay together, exhausted, overheated, elated - their memories of now were being preserved.

When it comes to getting professional photos, it’s first a matter of finding the answer to “why”? It’s then a matter of understanding that the why need not be anything more than a fierce love for your home, your family, your life in all it’s everyday glory.

Laura, Matt and Bonnie - my time with you showed so clearly, all that you have to celebrate together. It was a delight and an honour to share in a slice of your everyday life.

This is your story xx

Lifestyle family sessions are the most wonderfully relaxed, fun and meaningful way to capture your family in the places you love. It’s all photos that will transport you back in time, that portray your unique connection - who you love, where you love and how you love. To learn more, get in touch today:

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