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PJ, Layne + Parker | Sunshine Coast Family Session
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I've typed and deleted words for the past five minutes and it appears words fail me in describing all that I feel about this session. 

Just hours before Layne + PJs' Sunshine Coast family session, I was breaking my heart at the funeral of a close family friend. I'd known Gary since I was a child and as one of those small world stories, he ended up being the Father-in-Law to my sister. The funeral hit me harder than anticipated and I felt only half present as I drove up the Bruce Highway to the coast.

I pulled over and awaited Layne and PJs arrival, hoping that I'd be able to pull it together for their session. From the moment Layne opened the passenger door and greeted me, followed closely by PJ, I felt a sense of calm. We convoyed our way down a hidden track and parked by a small cemetery, the sun peeking through the pines intermittently. Little Parker was held by his parents so tight - kisses on his fingers and cheeks and head - literally covered in love and adoration and more than ever, more quietly than usual, I lifted my camera and let their story unfold.

As we ventured further towards the creek and the sun began it's descent, PJ and Layne ditched their shoes and barefoot, walked the sandy path. Taking a seat for five minutes, they then broke into song, a tune written especially for their baby boy. 

My heart literally exploded. 

Photography can be a hard gig sometimes. As with all jobs, it can be draining. It can often be lonely - the long drives alone, the hours editing and times when I feel like my eyes will fall out of my head. The unsocial hours. 

But then in return, there's this. There is getting into a car after this kind of session and wanting to just cry happy, tired, grateful tears. To explore new places, watch the sun as it shifts to and fro and listen to the beautiful sound of a song upon the rustle of trees. To meet complete strangers who open their hearts in front of you and trust you to witness the raw emotion, love and connection they have for one another. To meet complete strangers who without even realising it, have lifted your spirts on what would have otherwise been a dark day. 

Layne, PJ, Parker and Halle B - thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is your story xxx

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