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Sarah, Ian + Audrey | Brisbane Family Session
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Photographers often talk about an obsession with light but for me, it is more the fascination with time that consumes my thoughts.  It is human nature that we are looking to the future. We seek opportunity, we have ambition, we demand progress and we have dreams that linger on our horizons. We are always looking ahead for more - more money, more satisfaction, more recognition and more time. How often do we go to bed exhausted, wishing we had more time?

And yet as we look ahead, that time continues to pass. It's one of the very things available to us each and every day but for all the distractions of the future, it often slips by unnoticed.

I always say to my clients that a photography session is more than the photos at the end. It's about being completely in the moment - with yourself, with each other. It's not looking ahead, or looking back - it's simply now and being able to not only enjoy what the present brings, but capture it and celebrate it for years to come.

On a Monday morning, I met with Sarah, Ian and Audrey and in contrast to the rush hour that was taking place all around us, we took the time to stop and enjoy a coffee, be enveloped by the roots of an ancient tree, laugh and make memories together.

Just a couple of weeks later, as Sarah and Ian watched their image slideshow for the first time, I found myself looking down at little Audrey playing on the rug and once again, found myself thinking about time. I thought of the constant change that time brings - longer limbs, wider smiles, longer strands of hair and murmurs of those first words. How just six months earlier, Sarah and Ian were only just getting to know their sleepy little bundle. How just eight months earlier, on a foggy winters morning, they hadn't yet touched her little hand, or kissed her cheek.

And if I find this mind-blowing, I can only imagine how Sarah and Ian must feel each and every day. 

Sarah, Ian and Audrey - thanks for having me along to continue another moment in time. Here is the next chapter of your story xx

It's been an absolute joy capturing the story of this family from the very beginning. All years fly by but it seems none so much as your babys' first year. To find out more about these collections or book a session for your family, get in touch today!