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Winter Beach Session | Main Beach, Gold Coast
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In 2015, I met a young and wonderfully funny, kind and clever woman - Emma Betts. If the name sounds familiar to you, it's no surprise - Emma was amongst many talents, a writer and author of the blog, Dear Melanoma.

With humour and grace, Emma wrote candidly about her life as a 24 year old, living with Stage 4 Melanoma. Emma was terminal - something that as I captured her, husband Serge and their fur-baby Ralph in their family home, was hard to comprehend given Emma's happy disposition, enthusiasm and positivity. 

Sadly, Emma passed away last year and I feel crushed every time I think of those she left behind. Emma however, worked tirelessly to raise funds for cancer research and educating as many people as she could on sun safety and with the baton now passed to her parents to continue this work, her legacy lives on.

Earlier this year, a fundraising event took place in Emma's name and it was through the auctioning of a session gifted to this event, that I met Sarah, Emma's sister. I recall Emma's face lighting up whenever she spoke of her little nieces and nephews, so meeting these children was really quite poignant.

As the sun set on this winter beach session, I thought how Emma would have loved to see these images. I remembered how one of the first things I saw in Emma's home three years ago was a wall gallery full of photos of all the people she loved the most and thought about how it was her photo wall that inspired me to create one of my very own. 

Sarah, it was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful family. It is with much warmth and gratitude that I present you with your story. 


If you're interested in a family photography session, I'd love to hear from you. Let's hit somewhere lovely and document you with the people you love best, having adventures and making memories. Drop me a line via my contact page if you'd love to learn more.