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Ellen, Dmitri + Sophie | New Farm Park Family Session
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I remember going to New Farm Park back in my uni days. We would all head to the shops beforehand, pick up delicacies such as pasta salad, snags and bread rolls and then after our feast, lie back in the shade of a tree and laze the day away. 

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time back at New Farm Park and I always am taken back to that time. I see not only the twenty-somethings - but the couples, the families, the lovers who have grown old together - and am so reassured to see that the simple things are not taken for granted by fellow Brisbane-ites. 

Ellen and her little girl frequent New Farm park on a weekly basis so as a location for their first family shoot, it held significance. It will be a place that Sophie will remember in later years and a place where so many memories and milestones would have taken place.

On this particular Saturday afternoon, park real estate was at a premium. In fact, hands down it was the busiest I have ever experienced. As an introvert myself, I make it my business to know these popular locations inside out and have found a few hidden nooks that are the perfect place to let my families play, be themselves and enjoy their time together without the anxiety of feeling overlooked by passers by. 

And within these nooks, the magic of Ellen, Dmitri and Sophie unfolded. 

This is their story xx