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Jodi + Tristan | Brisbane Engagement Session
Brisbane Engagement Photographer | Wedding-Elopement Photography-22.jpg

Since our first meeting last year, I couldn't wait to capture Tristan and Jodi. They're one of those couples that you instantly feel at ease with and they were keen to include their gorgeous dog Miley in the shoot which, as an animal, gives me all the warm and fuzzies right there. Without delay, their engagement experience was locked in the diary.

Storms were predicted for the day but you know - who ever believes BOM right? Blue skies prevailed and the scattered storms on the radar seemed few and far between. 

The walk to this location is steep and by steep, I mean the rocks-falling-from-under-your-feet-scrambling-with-your-hands kinda steep. In exchange for the jelly legs though, you are rewarded with a unique view of Brisbane suburbia, dirt tracks and we bathed in the most brilliant sunlight together. Miley played and explored as Tristan and Jodi took in their surrounds. A few embraces, a spontaneous but wonderful shimmy later (you'll see what I mean as you scroll through the images), it was as though a switch was flicked and rising on the horizon was a long, dark bank of storm clouds, bringing with it a more ferocious gale and lightning. 

All visions of a sun-filled, softly romantic engagement session went out the window. No time to pack up the gear, it was a cameras-round-the-neck (don't tell my chiropractor) kinda scramble back down to the car. Trees were bending in the wind, thunder and lightning - the time between their interchanges closer and closer - and we made it back to the cars just before the skies opened. 

I learnt a long time ago that photography is about capturing life as it is, not as you want it to be. And life as it is doesn't guarantee sunshine and soft breezes and perfect settings. What is guaranteed, is that when you experience the wrath of Mother Nature and have to scramble down the side of a hill all of a sudden, doing so with fantastic couples make that experience all the sweeter. 

Jodi and Tristan - I wouldn't have wanted to scramble down that hill with anyone else. This is your story xx

Okay, okay - so the sky was pretty impressive, and Jodi and Tristan themselves pretty damn cute. But let's face it - Miley stole the show right?! To all the couples out there who have fur-babies - always consider bringing your pets along to your engagement session (or if you have cats, I can come to your home). I'm a sucker for animals and there is nothing like having your pet on board to ease any nerves about what could very well be your first professional shoot together. Engagement sessions are included in all wedding collections and to find out more, get in touch and let's have a chat! Now let's give it up for Miley one more time.