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Megan + Warren (and Pickles!) | Rainy Brisbane Elopement
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It had been clear skies and bone dry for what felt like an eternity right up until the day of Megan and Warren’s sunset elopement. As I parked and walked towards their building, the heavens opened and the drought was broken.

So let me take a step back and tell you first what should have been.

Megan and Warren decided to elope on the October long-weekend, with just four of their dearest as witnesses to the ceremony. Living inner city with an incredible view over the Brisbane CBD, the ceremony was scheduled for late afternoon, with vows to align with the setting of the sun that afternoon. The city would be brushed with a palette of pinks and oranges as they drank their first whiskey together as husband and wife. Sun-filled portraits would be taken before the ceremony, capturing Megan, Warren and their adorable pug, Pickles meandering down the streets of their neighbourhood.

And then there was what was. 

By 4pm, the skies were shrouded in heavy, dark clouds. As Megan and Warren make their final preparations, a light drizzle commenced and by the time we ventured out to the streets of Milton, drizzle had soon turned to rain. There was the spot that weeks earlier, we had identified as perfect for portraits, converted the day before into a gymnasium. There was the dress malfunction. There was the fact that Pickles wanted to eat the flowers. Cue the ceremony and the day had literally turned to night prematurely. The rain was torrential and the brave witnesses fearlessly rescued items from the balcony so that Megan and Warren could now exchange vows in a covered nook of their home. 

And despite such a dramatic deviation from their vision, Megan and Warren smiled, laughed and held hands throughout. They were gracious, warm and above all, grateful for one another - focused only on the fact that they were making the very greatest commitment to one another. That they were marrying their best friend and marking a new chapter in their love story as a family. There may not have been the sun-filled dreamy moments that they had planned, but what they got on the day - thanks to their open minds and open hearts - was something truly unique, heartfelt and absolutely 100% about love. 

Megan, Warren and Pickles - what an absolute pleasure to be a part of your day. I really was humbled to witness you both and whilst the sun may have not shone on your wedding day, I know your life will be filled with warmth and light and laughter always.

This is your story xxx