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Woodenshoekangaroo | Brisbane Wedding Photography

From the moment I met Marleen and Dan, I knew this wedding was going to be special. They had this carefree vibe, a refreshing disregard for tradition and a fierce commitment for making their wedding as fun as possible for their guests. Their son ordered pancakes. Their tiny daughter turned paired her tutu with a Darth Vadar mask.

They were my kind of people.

Held over a weekend up at Adora Downs, this country wedding reunited friends and family from all corners of the world. Under a blanket of stars, cultures united and new friendships forged. There was so much I loved about this wedding that it's hard to pin down my highlights, but up there on my list is the mechanical bull that delighted children and adults alike, the opportunity to see the sunset fully on the horizon two days in a row and the first dance to Barnsey's "Stone Cold". 

Oh, and did I mention the Bride played a saxophone solo to INXS?! Yup. I had a front row seat and after taking the snaps of my newfound hero, I proceeded to throw my fist in the air like some crazed fan. I’m pretty sure I was screaming. Just incredible. 

Marleen, Dan, Jim and Yona. There is so much to celebrate about your family. I love how you all love one another – fiercely, tenderly – and to spend a weekend observing how you are loved by your friends and family - well, it was an experience I will never forget.

This is your story xx

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