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O'Shea Family | Brisbane Lifestyle Maternity Session

Mothers Day, mid-morning.

I arrive at Nick and Carly's, kick off my shoes and follow them through their home, apologising and thanking them at the same time for scheduling their session on Mothers Day.

Their boys, engrossed in a Mickey Mouse cartoon, are chilling on the couch. Nick, Carly and I head upstairs and we start the session capturing the gorgeous Carly and her belly. Nick joins in and for a few moments, it's completely quiet. Nick kisses Carly gently on the shoulder and the light is so softly reaching them both from the side.

We head downstairs where the boys are cuddling in together. At one point, Noah hugs in Eli so tight and you can literally see him breathing in all the love and wonder he has for his baby brother. Nick and Carly sit back, watching their boys interact, connect, move, hold and love. In our own thoughts, we were all imaging life a few months down the line, when there is a new family member in the mix.

It is not lost on me the privilege I have to be inside a family home, documenting family life. I mean, how ridiculously amazing? Family, home, love - they are all such intimate things and yet here I am, witnessing this and making sure there are tangible memories of all that was in that one moment in time.

It never fails to blow my mind.

To the O'Shea family - all the best over the coming weeks and I can't wait to meet your new addition later this year. 

For now, this is your story xx

For those who have been following me for a while, you'll know that I love capturing people in their family home - it's your space, the place where you love and laugh together and a huge part of your memories. If you too want to your story told in your family home, get in touch today. I'd love to hear from you.