Ewan's First Year Milestone | Glasshouse Mountains Family Photo Session

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The rate of change in relatively small amounts of time blows my mind. 

In May last year, it was just Annika and Bayden. Annika wore the same dress her mother wore during her own pregnancy and as the rain poured down that foggy, grey morning, Annika was beaming with the anticipation of what was to be (click here to visit Annika + Bayden's rainy pregnancy session in the Glasshouse Mountains). 

A few weeks later, sleep deprived and functioning on little else but a boundless love for the tiny person she held in her arms, Annika was a mother. Now a family of three, finding their place, their routines as they get to know one another in this new world (click here to visit Ewan's newborn story).

Six months later and just before Christmas, confident parents holding a strong baby who had grown a quiff of hair that caught on the mountain winds. A curious baby who wanted to touch the things around him and look in all directions (click here to visit this beautiful Maleny family session).

Then just a few weeks ago, on a sunny winters morning and just a bit more than a year from where this all started, a boy. Smiling, running, dancing and exploring. 

So much change - so much growth and learning and forming and bonding - in such a short amount of time. And if all this in just over twelve months - the wonders the future holds for this family are endless. 

It blows my mind.

Annika and Bayden - thank you for having me document Ewan's first year. I've no doubt that as you look on these photos from the beginning through to the end of the past twelve months - as you note all that has changed and all that has remained exactly the same - your mind will also be blown. 

This is your story xx

If you want to have these precious moments captured meaningfully so you have these memories forever to look back on, then I'd love to hear from you. Just get in touch via my contact page