A Day in the Life Of Rudi | Lifestyle Pet Photography

Every single day, my pets make me laugh. It doesn't matter how bad the day has been - they always guarantee smiles. They always seem to intuitively detect when I need a some more attention than usual. They always make home feel like home. Warm, worn and happy.

As a photographer, I spend my days capturing the places and people that bring joy into my clients' world. So as a project on the side, I wanted to be sure capturing mine.

Introducing to you all, the most rotund of my three furry kids. He's my big ginger pie with an insatiable appetite and a heart as golden as his coat.  

Rudi, this is your story x


Celebrate your pet with professional photos. Sure, you may have a bunch of not-so-great photos on your iPhone (we're all guilty of that), but I'm talking the really good stuff. The stuff that in years to come, you'll look on so, so very fondly. Interested? Enquire today and I'd love to come by.