Lauren + Elise | Rainbow Beach Wedding

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When it came to Lauren and Elise’s wedding day, it was all about focusing on the one thing that mattered most to them - the celebration of love with their friends and family.

In short, nothing else mattered.

Travelling up to Rainbow Beach the day before, their venue was buzzing with guests relaxing, kids wrapped in beach towels, bare feet, pool parties and the smell of BBQ. Paths crossed with guests throughout that afternoon and into the evening, each of these interactions welcoming and immersing me in the warmth and joy of Lauren and Elise’s nearest and dearest.

On the morning of their wedding, it was all hands on deck. Lauren and Elise astounded me with their ability to transform their venue into the most stunning and interactive space to enjoy. They cleverly styled everything - handcrafted decorations, signs, the gorgeous bamboo structure they stood before to exchange their vows. Lawn games, big cosy rugs, plants and festoon lights to illuminate the most beautiful scene as night fell.

This was an emotional day. I think I laughed and cried a hundred times over as words of love and looks of adoration were exchanged. Lauren and Elise each had their moment to walk up the the aisle with their parents by their sides and to be honest, just remembering that moment alone is enough to give me goosebumps. Their wedding party was a beautiful, strong band of incredible women and girls who provided this gorgeous circle of support for the brides throughout.

The bridal table consisted of the brides and their parents. The first dance featured the brides and their girls (Cha Cha Slide - YEEESSSSSS!!!). As night fell and the music grew louder, dresses were swapped for shorts and jeans and as I walked back to my room at the end of the evening, I smiled at the sound of laughter and singing in the distance.

See, this day wasn’t just about the union between Lauren and Elise. It was about a union between families and new friends. It was about the extraordinary power of love to bring people together.

Lauren and Elise - your wedding will be one that stays in my heart forever. I’ll never, ever, forget the way you look at one another. I’ll never, ever, forget the way your girls look up to you both. And I’ll never, ever, forget the way you welcomed me wholeheartedly into your day. Roll on the future beers and bags of popcorn because now, I am so proud to call you both friends.

This is your story xx

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