Leesa + Scott | Rainy North Lakes Wedding

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They say rain on your wedding day is good luck.

Deep down, I’m pretty certain this pearl of wisdom has been passed down for generations to ease the minds of many, many couples on their wedding day. Something said - mantra-like - by friends and family as the skies get darker, heavier, as each hour goes by.

Leesa and Scott were gifted by Mother Nature the wettest wedding I have ever photographed and for those who know me - and know I’ve shot my fair share of rainy weddings - this is a big but entirely accurate call. What should have been an outdoor ceremony moved inside and as raindrops beat against the window panes, Leesa and Scott, in the presence of their children, family and friends, became husband and wife.

Afterwards, we jumped in a couple of golf buggies and hit the course. The rain stung our skin as the wind whipped up and the temperature had us fooled it was in fact a winter wedding, and not spring. We took refuge in a tunnel, cobwebs and drains and graffiti and there we all stood - wet, cold and somewhat perplexed - and laughed. We ventured out in the elements for what I think was about six minutes and though soaked to the bone, Leesa and Scott remained as glamorous and stunning as ever. I on the other hand - no so much. I avoided mirrors for the remainder of the evening and cursed my outfit choice of long pants that drew up the water like a sponge, and white lace shirt.

At reception, as we all dried out and kicked back into what was such an incredibly wonderful night, I thought of how amazing my couples are. Their strength of character, their sense of adventure and fun.

Years from now, it won’t be the rain, it won’t be the tunnel, it won’t be the crazy golfers we saw on our drive back to the clubhouse CHOOSING to be out there in the dark and the wet that I’ll remember - it will be the kindness and gratitude of two of the loveliest people I could hope to spend a day with that will forever be in my heart.

Leesa and Scott - congratulations on your wonderful wedding day. Rain on your wedding day may not have felt all that lucky, but having the honour of meeting you both certainly made me feel so very fortunate.

This is your story xx

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