Rod, Frankie + the girls | North Brisbane Lifestyle Family Session

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The love a parent feels for a child is strange. There is a starting point to our love for everyone else, but not this person. This one we have always loved, we loved them before they even existed. No matter how well prepared they are, all moms and dads experience a moment of total shock, when the tidal wave of feelings first washed through them, knocking them off their feet. It’s incomprehensible because there’s nothing to compare it to. It’s like trying to describe sand between your toes or snowflakes on your tongue to someone who’s lived their whole life in a dark room. It sends the soul flying.
— Fredrik Backman, Beartown

An hour in the park. A stroll down the boardwalk, through the trees to the best vantage point for turtle and duck spotting.

Just an hour on a Saturday afternoon.

The buzz I get from authentically capturing family time is immeasurable. Rather than an outsider looking in, I immerse myself in all that is happening so that it’s not just moments that are preserved, but feelings. And let’s face it - when it comes to young children, there are so many feelings and emotions that emerge in the space of an hour - from the trepidation of meeting a new face, to the delight of new adventures, to tears accompanying scraped knees, to the first time their little hands tentatively reach for yours to get your attention. Belly laughs and running in circles, followed by tiny hands wiping eyes in exhaustion.

An hour is all it takes to document this little slice of ordinary. To bottle up this rollercoaster in a way that can easily be experienced again and again as the children grow, and stop scraping their knees, and tiny hands are no longer so tiny.

Rod and Frankie - thank you for sharing a slice of your family life with me. Your girls made my heart burst a hundred times over.

This is your story xx

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