Nicola + Jamie | Wellington Point Engagement Session

On my drive out to meet Nicola + Jamie, I was delighted. 

A storm had been predicted for the afternoon - around 3pm in fact - and as we all know, forecasts are pretty unreliable. So when at 3.30pm I was en route to location and it was bucketing down, I felt a couple of things -  firstly, surprise that the forecast this time was fairly accurate, secondly, relief. You could see the blue skies emerging on the horizon, the storm was done, the air clear and beautiful. Job. Done.

I pulled up, walked around Wellington Point, blue skies now and sun making the wet pavements sparkle. So beautiful. More delight.

Twenty minutes later I met Nicola and Jamie and as we made our introductions, it was like someone flicked a switch and the world turned black. The wind whipped up and as we hurriedly walked out to the pier, drizzle turned to downpour. We sheltered together under the pier which offered little protection. We waited. 

Tentatively, we emerged. It seemed the worst had passed. The sun was now brighter than ever - too harsh in fact to hit the beach so we agreed to wait until the sun began it's descent. In the meantime, we hit a quiet laneway and then to a cacophony of everyday life background noise - television, radios, conversations - we took a few snaps. 

Then, it was time for the grand finale. We made our way back towards the pier to restart the session, buying a couple of ice-creams from a nearby kiosk. Back on the pier and as we laughed about Jamie's ice-cream face-smash, it's was as though the air had been sucked out of the atmosphere for just a moment. Black clouds, fork lightning, thunder so deafening. I love a good storm but this felt different. Formidable.

We had seconds before it hit, seemingly out of nowhere. Nicola and Jamie made it to their car, I to a nearby kiosk where I dodged tables and chairs being blown from one side of the street to the other. Then the hail. I made out Nicola and Jamie's car driving off to seek shelter and heard the kiosk owner lament her new car that was parked outside just around the corner.

It lasted about 8 minutes. As I walked back to my car, I was met with the most magical, soft sunlight mocking me as it set on a now deserted beach.

At one point during what I think was the second storm, I heard Jamie say to Nicola "let's hope this weather isn't a metaphor for married life". As I edited the few photos we were able to get on this turbulent afternoon - as I worked through frames of this couple, their hair strewn, their clothing drenched - I smiled at the many moments capturing love, hugs, laughter. 

So Jamie, if that afternoon was anything to go by, I'm confident that you and Nicola have got this together forever, come what may, weather the storm thing nailed. It was an absolute pleasure taking shelter with you both and capturing an afternoon that was as lovely as it was unpredictable.

This is your story x