Nat + Grant | Hillstone St Lucia Wedding, Brisbane

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In the spirit of being completely honest with you, I'm a little bit cursed when it comes to sunny skies on wedding days. My ratio of rain on your wedding day seems above average (I've never tested my theory, it's just a gut feeling), regardless of the season or location.

This self-proclaimed curse however, was well and truly broken on Nat and Grant's wedding day. Clear blue skies, crisp and just ridiculously gorgeous, were the backdrop of the entire day. And as that sun set, these loved-up newlyweds were bathed in the most glorious orange light.

This day had it all. Beer before midday, blue wedding shoes (YEEESSSS!), a ride in a golf buggy and a wedding party not afraid to show me their blue-steel.

Nat, it was an honour being a part of such an amazing day for you. Grant, thanks for your humour and warmth throughout the day. 

I wish you both the very best. This is your story.