Fiona + Drew | Mt Mee Wedding

Mt Mee Wedding Photography

I had just returned from Edinburgh when Fiona tapped me on the shoulder and said she wanted to discuss some secret squirrel business. In just a few months' time, the engagement party for herself and Drew was in the diary - invitations already sent - but the couple just couldn't wait to tie the knot and wanted to do so in the most simple, intimate way.

Nine guests would witness Fiona and Drew exchange vows - that is, parents, siblings and their partners and a brand-spanking new little nephew. Held in a picturesque chapel at 11am, the heartfelt ceremony was topped off by Fiona and Drew literally dancing down the aisle at the end. My heart basically burst with happiness for these two and their families at this point.

A short walk across the road, lunch followed at Birches Restaurant and here, stories were exchanged as drink and good food covered the table. Nothing was rushed, nothing was listed on an order of the day. Fiona and Drew could simply sit back and completely absorb their day, and each other. Laughs were punctuated by tender, intimate moments of hand holding and stolen kisses. 

And as the sun set behind the hills, shoes were kicked off and family sprawled on the grass, enjoying the last light and warmth of the day. Fiona, Drew and I ventured to see the llamas that resided on the property and were greeted by big teeth and long lashes. As we made our way back to the party at dusk, we looked down the hill to see the family spread out on a giant throw, feet in the air, the sound of laughter and chatter caught on the breeze. Fiona turned to me and said, "this, this is exactly how I imaged my wedding day". For the second time that day, my heart burst. 

Two weeks later, the engagement party went ahead, with an announcement slideshow that entertained and delighted their guests. Fiona and Drew could now celebrate freely with all those who meant so much to them. 

To all the prospective couples out there planning their wedding - close your eyes, imagine you are looking on your wedding party. Let the image fill your head and your heart, then make it a reality. Make it yours, do it in a way that makes you feel good and want to do it over, and over, again. 

Fiona, Drew and your beautiful families - I can't thank you enough for having me share such a special, wonderful day. 

This is your story xx

Ah man, I could just scroll up and down and enjoy these happy faces (and llama teeth!!) again and again. I absolutely adore these gorgeous, intimate weddings and whilst the 2018 wedding calendar is almost full, I always do my very best to open availability for elopements and small weddings. If you are considering something a little bit different when it comes to your wedding day, get in touch as I'd love to be there to capture all that loved-up goodness!