Kev + Sabrina | Brisbane sunrise elopement, Jolly's Lookout


I'm one of the lucky ones. Against all the odds, I met the one. The one who got me, who made me feel like things made sense and who for the first time, I wanted an ever after with. 

Meeting Kev and Sabrina was a reminder of my own fortune. They too came from opposite sides of the world. They too fell in love quickly. They too knew - absolutely, knew - that this was it and that they had found the one, their future, their everything.

Led by wonderful Brisbane Civil Celebrant Ketrina Coffey, vows were exchanged as the sun rose over Jolly's Lookout. With their three best friends as their only witnesses, the ceremony was intimate as it was emotional. Simply stunning, in a stripped back to what-it's-all-about kind of way.

After the ceremony, we ventured down the road and over to their favourite coffee hang - First Pour West End - for that much needed first caffeine hit. The beautiful obscurity of a bride and groom entering this West End cafe as cyclists, walkers and workers went about their everyday morning routines. 

Ordinary met extraordinary.

To Tim who presented me with the opportunity to capture this very special story, my heartfelt thanks.

And to Sabrina and Kev - happy ever after. I can't wait to share with you all the photos from this beautiful morning. This is your story.