Yianni + Katerina | Brisbane Engagement Session, City Botanic Gardens

I'm going to put it out there - I don't mind a bit of Tay Tay from time to time. Okay, so she might not be up there with the great lyricists - Dylan, Cohen, Mitchell - but those tunes can be mighty catchy.

After my session with Yianni and Katerina, there was this one line looping around my mind...

Time slows down whenever you’re around
— Taylor Swift, Today was a Fairytale

Indeed it did.

Amidst the chaos that is planning a wedding, this couple were able to slow time, stop and take a breath. We hit the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens at peak hour, the CBD gardens heaving with cyclists, students, visitors and suits. And yet, it was as though we were completely alone. They danced under a tree, sat amidst the fallen Jacaranda flowers, strolled under a majestic canopy and bathed in the days' last light.

Yianni and Katerina, this is your story.