For the love of (all) light | Brisbane wedding + engagement photographer

Natural light is everything to me. As much as possible, I schedule family portrait sessions as late in the day as possible, and encourage my wedding clients to have their portraits coincide with golden hour. Then, we have the best chance to be bathed in the softest most beautiful light possible.

As a wedding photographer however, a lot of my shooting takes place at nightfall and to be honest, for a long time there, the prospect of shooting at night scared me. It was something I dreaded because I was yet to find the beauty in artificial light. I felt like when the sun went down, so did my spirit.

The fact of the matter is, there is so much beauty to be found at night. I knew that, deep down - I just didn't know how to capture it. Things have changed and today, I encourage my wedding clients to take 15 minutes out of their evening for a night portrait. Together, with the new-found respect I've found in the trusty old speedlight and the truce I've made with this handy tool, art is created. 

Here are some of my favourite nighttime portraits. And to all those to come. 

Danielle x

If you'd like to create a magical nighttime portrait, get in touch today and we can make it happen.