Jodi + Tristan | Gold Coast Farm House Wedding

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A kiss is a lovely
trick designed by nature to
stop speech when words become
— Ingrid Bergman

Late last year, Jodi and Tristan's engagement session was cut short by the onset of a crazy-ass storm that painted the sky black and shook us down the hill back to the carpark. It was insane - as exhilarating as it was scary - and weeks later, on a sunny morning, we sat together and laughed as we watched the images of that afternoon go by. Memories, made out of an adventure, the unexpected. Good memories, because regardless of how windswept, how drenched, how covered in grass and mud, there was love and laughter. 

If you haven't done so already, treat yourself to a squiz of this session - the sky really is unbelievable (as is the cuteness of Miley, their dog)

So when rain was forecast for their wedding day, I knew that no matter what disappointment might be felt - even if fleeting - that Jodi and Tristan had this. They had the good nature, the perspective, humour and incredible support from friends and family, to make their wedding spectacular no matter the weather. 

Which is a good thing, because it bucketed down that day. There were blue skies first thing in the morning that gave premature and misleading hope that disappeared just minutes before the ceremony commenced. Half way down the aisle, heavy rain started and did not leave us for the rest of the day. 

True to form, Jodi and Tristan laughed the entire day. Their wonderful wedding party stayed out in the rain, unyielding loyalty, support and dedication to the newlyweds, and there really are no words to express how thankful I am to have such amazing, strong and beautiful couples.

Oh, in other news, I was lucky enough to have my wife Mandy along to assist! Mandy made her debut at Mel + Erin's Fig Tree wedding where she was Mandy Moviemaker (i.e. trotted around with a handheld camera, making Scottish commentary on all she saw) and was once again, a tremendous support. Thanks babe for carrying my gear and half eaten apple for hours and never once complaining. You really are the best.

Jodi and Tristan - let's just resign ourselves to the fact that Mother Nature feels the backdrop of dark, moody skies best compliment the beautiful love and respect you have for one another. I cannot thank you enough for including Mandy and I in your big day and I am truly honoured to have been the one to capture one of the most heartfelt wedding days.

This is your story xxx

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