Twelve Months of Audrey | Southbank Parklands Family Session

Brisbane Family Photographer | Newborn-Lifestyle Photography-12.jpg

I pause. I type and then delete and then type again. I scroll up and down the images and wonder how I’m ever going to find the words to do this family justice.

I look at the faces of Sarah and Ian, how they look at their daughter now, how they look at one another now. In the twelve or so months I’ve been photographing this family, I’ve seen not just the obvious changes of a bump becoming baby, a newborn growing into a toddler. Cheeks becoming more defined, legs becoming stronger, teeth breaking through. I’ve seen - or perhaps more felt - subtle changes too. The way this family falls into one another so naturally, the hands on legs, the tender finger resting under a chin.

They way they move together, connect together - it’s as though they were always meant to be. Almost like from another time, they have been reunited and right now, are exactly where they should be. Together.

Audrey, as someone who has witnessed the effect you have had on your Mum and Dad before you even arrived earth-side, I can categorically say that you have brought insurmountable joy into the world. You are a treasure and I sweetheart, adore you.

Sarah, and Ian - here we are, twelve months have passed and so much has been captured. Whilst this is the final chapter of Audrey’s first year, it is really just the beginning of your story together xx

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