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To me
she was
those final steps
the turn around the bend
the house
with a light on
and a fire lit
and faint laugh on a warm wind -
she was always
my coming home.
— Atticus

Stace + James are fellow appreciators of the simple things. Wonderful, but simple things like a beautiful big window, afternoon light creating pretty shards on timber floorboards and a game of cards. Sharing a cold drink on the couch, good cheese and forcing cuddles out of an unwilling cat (the satisfaction when you hear the purr!) Lying in bed, with a window open and the breeze cooling your skin.

After their shoot, on the drive home and as the last rays of that beautiful golden summer light hit my windscreen, I felt so full of love and gratitude and optimism. I pulled around the corner and saw the lamp on in my front window and my heart burst, for the love I have of my home, but for the joy I know they will both experience each and every time they pull up to their place. 

Stace + James - and all the other lovers of home, simplicity and every day beautiful - this is your story xx

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