Emily + Kane | Camp Hill Antiques Engagement

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You know that phrase "beautiful inside and out"? Emily and Kane are by far one of the best examples of this virtue I can think of.

I distinctly remember reading Emily's first enquiry last year. I was travelling down to Newcastle when I received her message, where she took the time to share hers and Kane's story. Little pieces of information that as I kept on reading, made me so excited at the prospect of getting to meet them both and capture their wedding.

Travellers. Advocates. High school sweethearts. And in the email exchanges that followed thereafter, clearly just downright wonderful people.

Oh, and the added wonder that is six degrees of separation with a few things too, reminding us just how small a world it is.

When it came to their engagement experience, Emily and Kane had their hearts set on hitting up the local secret pine forest and I was so excited to capture them in this incredibly stunning, private location. It seemed however, that Mother Nature - as she so often does - had other plans. Within a few hours, we went from plans of pine forest escapes, to wandering the maze of wonderful antiques at the Camp Hill Antiques and Tart Centre. Chalk and cheese.

We marvelled at how the things before us transported us to the homes of our grandparents. Together we kicked ourselves at how much we took for granted and the constant loop that fashions are on. We paused when the sun fleetingly streamed through windows and as the skies cleared, finished up on a suburban side street.

It wasn't a pine forest, but it felt in a way, iconically Brisbane and on this day, a way to create new memories amongst the old for Emily and Kane.

Their wedding will be down at the ever gorgeous and green Fig Tree Restaurant and Rooms, where whatever the weather, we will have those rolling hills, those trees and that green landscape.

But for now, let's enjoy the chaos, the clutter and the wonder of this afternoon at an antiques centre. 

Emily + Kane, this is your story xx

My wife and I just got our annual "professional" photos taken on a recent trip to Queenstown. Last year, we had them taken at home with our pets and beers on the deck. We adore both sets and the fact that we have these moments to enjoy forever. If you are interested in learning more about a couples shoot, just drop me a line and we can have a chat.