Amy + Michelle | Byron Bay Elopement

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It was a Tuesday afternoon.

In what was two solid weeks of torrential rain, Amy and Michelle found a little secluded path just off South Golden Beach on this one sunny afternoon and witnessed by their sisters, their celebrant and myself, they became wives.

Their morning hadn’t gone to plan. In fact, neither had their afternoon and as they pulled up to the parking lot where we were all meeting, they explained the comedy of errors that had been their day so far. But on this little path, the Pacific Ocean their backdrop and soundtrack simultaneously, the one thing that mattered unfolded.

Commitments were made to one another between tears and laughter. Vows were exchanged, hands were held and eyes were wiped. Champagne was shared amongst the group and as the sun descended behind the greenbelt, I captured how Amy and Michelle love. The way they looked at each other, touched one another, moved together and separately and spoke to one another.

The way they laughed - laughed so much the way that two people who you just know are made for one another can laugh.

And then with all the mishaps of everything earlier that day, they ran into the water fully dressed and kicked the waves.

Amy and Michelle, congratulations on your beautiful afternoon. What an absolute honour to be one to witness all that you have, and understand all that you will be together in the future.

This is your story xx

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