Katie + David | Brookfield Engagement Session

Brisbane Wedding Photographer | Engagement-Elopement Photography-29.jpg
Hand in hand
Walking through life
And making our plans
Hand in hand
— Paul McCartney - "Hand in Hand"

Katie and David met with me just down the road from where they will be getting married. It was one of those days where you just couldn’t pick the weather and BOM was being it’s usual unhelpful self.

It had been over a year since we had last spoken. Katie was a bridesmaid to her beautiful friend, Nikki and what I love most about couples who contact me to shoot their wedding after meeting me at another wedding, is that I know I get to reunite with familiar faces. As we sat at the picnic table, it just felt like catching up with old friends.

Before I got the camera out to capture Katie and David, they explained a few things. Katie had a nasty ankle injury. David had a hamstring tear. Both were adamant that they would be hopelessly awkward in front of camera. Then armed with this information, we started our walk.

We wandered slowly, taking in the surrounds. We met a dog, we met others out enjoying the warm spring weather. We saw an epic sunset. Contrary to their concerns - both were so taken with one another that all else fell into place.

Katie and David - to all the walks ahead, hand in hand. To all the friendly dogs you meet along the way, the stones you skim on the water, the half kisses and the stolen kisses. To your wedding and to your future together, I’m so glad that we were able to capture this first part of your love story xx

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