Lara + Zac | Brisbane Engagement Session

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Don’t you want to
Run wild, live free
Love strong, you and me
Run wild, live free
Love strong

This is Lara and Zac, two of the warmest, sweetest people I have ever met. Over a beer last year, we chatted about their wedding plans and it's really hard to believe that their big day is just a few short months away.

At this time, I remember walking through the reasons why I love engagement sessions. Whether you are just engaged or have been so for some time now, these sessions take place before your wedding day and are simply about escaping for an hour, getting you comfortable in front of camera and capturing how you both interact with one another. Naturally and honestly, how you simply fall into to being with one another. 

Here, as they made their way across bridges and up graffitied dam walls, I observed Lara and Zac - the way they looked at one another, laughed together, little touches of the hands, noses, lips. It was a beautiful reminder of how unique each couple is - how they fall into each other differently, how they move to their very own rhythm - and the importance of authenticity when it comes to photographing any love story. 

Lara and Zac, I am so looking forward to your wedding later this year and the opportunity to further capture the enormous love and respect you have for one another. 

For now, this is your story xx

Engagement sessions are a brilliant excuse to pause the wedding plans for just an hour and escape somewhere beautiful. We can either hit somewhere that has meaning for you - the cafe where you had your first coffee, or the park where you had your first kiss - or like Lara and Zac, go exploring somewhere completely new. This is where we begin capturing your love story and for that reason, is so wonderfully important. Engagement experiences are included in all wedding collections - for more information, contact me and we can have a chat.