Tess + Kai | Brisbane Maternity Session

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Minutes before 2016 turned into 2017, I reflected on my life. 

I thought about how different my world was at that point. I thought about what I do as a photographer and with a mix of pride and fear, took in the full extent of responsibility of this role. 

I thought about what I adore most in my life and with a little bit of embarrassment, realised that I myself had not invested the time nor the money into my own memories. Where were the photos that captured my wife, our home, our fur and feathered friends and the life we have lovingly created together?

As 2017 turned into 2018, I reflected once again. I thought of the photos we had taken at our home one Friday afternoon and the value of these. I thought of my new studio being built and how our backyard would never be the same, but how we now had photos of the humble beginnings at home. Our favourite hen - Blanche - with her uneven beak and her sister Dorothy, the escape artist and how I'll have their little faces to look at for years after they pass. Our almost 18 year old Poppy who made the trip over from Edinburgh with us getting chin tickle on the deck, Alan pressing his little face up against the net for attention and our big fat ginger pie draped over the sofa with him mums.

So when Tess - a talented photographer herself (check Tess's work out here) - contacted me to capture her pregnancy, I understood. I understood how important it would be to look back on an afternoon - just weeks before their lives changed in such a crazy magnificent way - when it was just the two of them. Tess and Kai and all the excitement and anticipation and trepidation on the horizon.  

I understood the importance of capturing a moment in time, when time always brings with it change.

Tess and Kai, thank you for reaching out to me to capture your moment in time. This is your story xx

What do you love about life right now and do you have this captured in a way that you can enjoy and remember these moments forever?  Time goes by in a blur and ensuring your memories are there for years to come, is something I wholeheartedly believe in. Contact me today if you’d like to learn more.