Sabrina, Kev + River | Brisbane Lifestyle Family Session

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I'm an album person. 

When I lived at home, I would spend hours pouring over family albums. Photographs of my grandparents when they were young, through to my parents as children in their family homes, then those days when they were dating, both long-haired and carefree, before moving on to images of my sister and I, our pets, our homes, our cubby houses and dress-ups. I loved looking through these albums again and again, a different perspective the older I got. Noticing resemblances in the faces of my relatives - some of them whom I had never met - and familiarity of expressions, glances and movement.

As an album person, it brings me immense joy to design albums for my clients. It's more than compiling photos - it's curating. It's ensuring that the album tells a story - authentically, meaningfully - image by image. 

Sabrina and Kev are also album people and are well on their way to building a library of their adventures together. The story of their sunrise elopement is now accompanied by an album telling the story of an autumn afternoon, when it was just the two of them, waiting, anticipating their little boys' arrival. Another album sits on the shelf, telling the story of a tiny baby boy on a winters' afternoon, held by two doting, overwhelmed, overtired new parents, sitting in a half empty first home that they moved into just the week prior. 

And soon, these albums will be joined by a new album, telling the story of a curious little boy at 6 months of age, wobbly on his feet, chubby-dimpled hands handing his Mum a flower, and reaching for his Dad's chin.

Stories of their journey, documented. Sitting side by side so that as River grows, he can pour over the stories of his generous, wonderful and adventurous parents and notice similarities, traits and ultimately, the incredible bond shared by his family. 

Sabrina, Kev and River - it is with great pleasure that I bring you the next chapter in your story xx

Make this the year you start documenting your family story. Whether it be engaging a professional photographer to do so, or simply taking your own snaps, be sure to have your images off your device and presented in something that can be enjoyed, shared and cherished for generations to come. Somewhere, someday down the line, you will bring the greatest joy to someone looking at your story. To enquire about my family photography sessions and albums, contact me today - I'd love to get your story started.