Donna + Alex | Llama Engagement Session

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I’m an animal lover. There are multiple songs written for each of my cats, that are sung throughout each day. I swear blind that my hens respond each evening to me when I bid them goodnight and a highlight of each day is walking the neighbours dogs. 

If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d probably run some kind of animal sanctuary. 

As a fellow lover of animals, Donna and I hit it off instantly. Donna and Alex, who are getting hitched in NYC this September, are doing things their own way (which I love!) and breaking their love story into instalments throughout the year. If you missed it, treat yourselves to the first instalment of Donna and Alex’s wedding story which starts in their home, with their three cat babies. 

This next instalment - well, let’s just say I was like a kid on Christmas Eve the night before! We drove out to Ottaba Llama Farm, just past Esk, where Donna and Alex would meet some of the resident llamas. 

And it was every bit as spectacular as anticipated. Donna’s face beamed the entire afternoon and there was one moment when she just looked at me and said, “This is the BEST day ever”. I mean, when your couples are that happy, what more could you ask for?!

For all the animal lovers out there, do yourselves a favour and make a day to visit Ottaba Llamas. The drive out to the farm is spectacular, the welcome from the staff second to none and llamas are just the sweetest. 

Donna and Alex, thank you so much for this experience. Roll on October!

For now, enjoy this next instalment of your epic love story xx

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