Erin, Ruth + Rupert | Enoggera Dam Couples Session

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Late on a Friday afternoon - just as the sun was setting - I met the lovely Erin, Ruth and their little Rupert. Basically, I turned to mush as soon as I saw him and to be honest, it’s a miracle that the girls made it into any of the photos because this little guy stole my heart. 

Like 99.99999% of my couples, Erin and Ruth were worried about looking awkward in front of camera. Like 99.99999% of my couples, bringing beer and their fur baby alleviated all concerns and before we knew it, the session was well underway. 

Rupert had the best afternoon ever. The girls found a gem of a location right on their doorstep and I went home once again filled with gratitude for the amazing couples (and pets!) I have the good fortune of meeting.

Erin, Ruth and Rupert - this is your story xx

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