Sian + Tenille | Brisbane Couples Session

Go behind-the-scenes on this gorgeous shoot and see how the most relaxed, natural sessions make for the most beautiful, meaningful photos

Another morning comes. It always does. Time always moves at the same rate, only feelings have different speeds. Every day can mark a whole lifetime or a single heartbeat, depending on who you spend it with
— Fredrik Backman, Beartown

So, for some time now, I’ve been wanting a behind-the-scenes video to help couples understand what to expect when it comes to a shoot.

I wanted to dispel the myths and preconceived ideas that many couples have about getting professional photos and put to bed any misconception that the whole experience will be totally excruciating, cheesy with an end result of photos won’t resemble them or their relationship. In this one minute video, I want every couple out there to see how even the most simple act of walking, laughing together, placing your finger tips on skin, is all you need to capture the heart of your love.

To check out the video, click here. And be sure to check out the shoot of Sian and Tenille, who were one of two incredible couples featured. They brought along their fur babies and though rain and storms threatened, I swear the sheer warmth between these two bullied away the storm and brought out the sun.

Sian + Tenille, it was such a pleasure spending an hour with you both before Christmas.

This is your story xx

Lifestyle couple sessions are the most wonderfully relaxed, fun and meaningful way to capture the heart and soul of your relationship. Who you love and how you love, in the most honest, proud and real way possible. To learn more, get in touch today:

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