Ben + Damien | Couples lifestyle home photography session, Brisbane

(& Lily & Oscar & Pepper & Gina...)

Someone asked me to describe home and I almost said your name but I stayed quiet instead. People expect you to say a damn place but I felt more home in your two arms than I ever in my own house.
— Source unknown

I’ve always been a home body. Someone who looks forward to the most fantastic overseas holiday with only 60% of my heart, the remaining 40% stressing about leaving my home, my pets, my routine.

Home is honest. Home is where you can be completely at ease. It is a museum of places and spaces where tenderness, tears, joy have all happened. The place from where you watch the world.

I visited the home of Damien and Ben recently, a home that bears all the markings of the love and fondness bestowed upon it. Greeted by their four ridiculously adorable dogs I too felt at home instantly. This was a true Everyday Captured session where the boys let me capture a slice of their family life – the beers on the front steps, cuddles with their babies on the bed and time in the garden that is a visual representation of the hard work, commitment and adoration they have sewn into their space.

The plan was to finish off this session with a visit to Kalinga Park but in true Brisbane summer style, a massive storm rolled shortly after the session commenced, it’s muggy darkness enclosing us.

Damien and Ben, your home and your family are a celebration of the love and respect you have for one another. Thank you for sharing this so candidly.

This is your story x