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The last time I photographed Annika and Bayden, it was a dark, foggy and impossibly wet morning. Annika was 38 weeks pregnant – all belly – and she and Bayden laughed as their clothes clung to them, hair slicked to their faces.

The images from their maternity shoot are now some of my favourites of all time and I encourage you – if you haven’t done so already – to check out their images here.

Just over a month later as I drove north for their newborn photography session, I smiled to myself. The day was positively sun drenched. Rooms will filled with warm afternoon sun and I walked through to the back of their home to see Annika nursing her gorgeous baby boy, engulfed by light. Ewan - exactly two weeks old - was a dream with his masses of dark hair, his sweet lips and expressive hands that would conduct the air as though a tiny dancer, before arms would return to his side and little fingers would wrap around his mothers.

As a lifestyle photographer, I adore capturing newborn babies as authentically and honestly as possible. No dressing up. No baskets and no props. Just a family home filled with connection, expression, interaction and a lot of love.

Annika, Bayden and Ewan – I can’t wait to see you all in 6 months’ time to continue documenting your journey as a family together.

For now, this is your story xx

There is nothing I love more than giving my clients images that show who they are - who they were - at that very point in time. Rather than props and dress-ups, I want my clients to focus on the real beauty that can be found in their every day life. This to me, is more beautiful than anything we could ever manufacture. If you agree and cherish authentic, natural moments, then get in touch about one of my lifestyle portrait sessions.