Amy, Jess + Addi | Brisbane Family Lifestyle Session

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I'm a believer in past lives. As a pre-schooler, I had dreams of being in a war - being able to describe in detail the markings on planes - and having an imaginary friend who only years later, my Mum discovered was a make of doll that was hidden during the second world-war.

I also saw Native American-Indians walk past my bedroom regularly at nighttime. As an adult looking back on this, I wonder how my parents rationalised this behaviour. To me as a child back then, it was as real as sitting down and watching Hey Hey it's Saturday each week.

The reason I mention this, is because it helps me make sense of the connection you make with certain people over others. You meet some people and it's like you've known them before - you're completely at ease straight away and it's like you've picked up from where you left off, even if you don't know where that might have been.

When it comes to meeting the love of your life, I believe the universe has it all in hand. That connection - that unexplainable but undeniable bond - is just there and transcends gender, race and all other factors. 

Where is all this philosophical rambling going, you wonder? Well, Amy and Jess just seem two of those people whose love is so very great for one another, it's as though it has formed decades upon decades ago. Gestures, looks - that telepathy that is reserved for soul mates - was profound and all their love, poured into their little girl Addi.

Capturing this family was one of my highlights last year and I invite you to sit back and enjoy. 

Amy, Jess and Addi - this is your story xx

If you are one of those lucky people who have found that person - that lover, best friend, the one who is simply everything to you - make sure you take the time to capture what you have, as it's pretty darn remarkable. Oh and while we're here, let's get another Heck Yeah for finally - finally - seeing marriage equality in Australia. Heck. Yeah. For all enquiries and to learn more about wedding collections or family sessions, get in touch and I'd love to help you out.