2016 in review | Brisbane wedding and family photography

There's no denying that broadly speaking, 2016 hasn't been great. Conflicts continue to play out on the world stage, politicians have now turned into comical villains and let's not mention that old furphy climate change right?  

I've recently returned from a week at the Woodford Folk Festival. Sure, there's an abundance of ridiculously talented musicians and artists to admire, but what makes this festival so special is the undercurrent of kindness. There are less mobile phones held to faces, so people can acknowledge one another as they pass. There is dance - anywhere, anytime - that brings the most simple joy to all ages and there is beauty in the most incredible display of diversity and tolerance you could hope to be a part of.

I feel recharged. I feel optimistic.

To all the confetti showers, the sunrises and sunsets, the kisses, the puppy licks, the birthday parties and cake smashes, the photobombs, the beach and forest hangs, the newborn snuggles, imaginary friend introductions, late night sneak-away portraits with newlyweds, mother-nature in all her unpredictable wonder, the secret rooftop adventures, the romance, the tears, the awkwardness, the laughter. To love, thankfulness and the celebration of our perfectly imperfect lives… 

2017. Here we come.