Sarah + Ian | Brisbane Maternity Lifestyle Session

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Sarah and Ian welcomed a healthy baby into the world just days ago. I saw them just a week prior for their image reveal and at the end, asked them how it felt to think that this time next week, they would be a family.

Ian’s hand rested on Sarah’s belly and they both laughed, looking at each other. The epitome of calm and collected, they said they had gotten their heads around it.

For me, I find it utterly mind blowing.

Just days away from becoming a family, from becoming a mother, a father. Days away from the beginning all the stories that are yet to be told.

After they left, I worked on their order - a series of beautiful prints that they would have forever, to enjoy and to share with their family in years to come. I reflected on the gravity of what I do and gave time for pause. The lives of Sarah and Ian have completely changed now. It is no longer just the two of them. This fact – this momentous change in their lives – makes the next set of images all the more important. It tells of the time before, the time that will never be again, when it was just the two of them.

It tells of all that lay before them.

Sarah and Ian, a massive congratulations. I can’t wait to see you both next week to capture you all as a family.

For now, here is your story x