Celebrating Jed | Brisbane Family Cake Smash, The Gap

Recently, I made a commitment to myself that in order to give my clients the best, I had to let go. Let go of technical hangups, of second guessing and of control. 

Those who know me, will know this is no easy feat.

It's been a massive personal and professional transformation but one that is reaping rewards. I can honestly say I've never felt more liberated and simply, more joyful to be behind the camera. And that joy is definitely bringing out a totally different vibe during my photography sessions. 

This session was a celebration of a beautiful little boy who on that day, turned one. So cherished by his family, I can't begin to tell you how much my face hurt from smiling during the editing process. 

Their story sums up all that I love about now. I love my kick-ass clients. I love light. I love shadows. I love mood. I love movement. I love connections and I love love. 

Jed and your adoring family, this is your story.


Danielle SmithComment