Labour of love | Brisbane Family Photography, The Gap

After lovingly crafting a backyard oasis for decades, maintaining such a vast space was too much and this family home was up for sale. A necessary yet heart wrenching decision, the seller’s daughter wanted to surprise her parents with images of their labour of love and so I was engaged to do so, in what was one of the most poignant sessions to date.

With their granddaughter by my side, I was guided through each nook of the garden. I heard stories of where fence palings were reclaimed, I saw trees high in the sky years after they were first planted. It was a quiet afternoon where time stood still and the responsibility to do this beautiful, secret space justice was at the forefront of my mind. Years of family history – the bbqs, the early morning cuppa on the terrace, playtime with the grandchildren – all condensed in to just a series of images. A garden that can no longer be physically enjoyed, still there in some form for the family to wander through for years to come.