Rainy Backyard Wedding | Brisbane Backyard Wedding, Hamilton

Crisp, sunny skies and clear air – that’s the perk of scheduling a winter wedding in Brisbane right? You dodge the heat, the humidity, the storms and torrential rain.

Such was the thinking when Craig and Margot started planning their backyard ceremony and reception. To be held at Margot’s family home on the 40th anniversary of her parents marrying in the very same spot, there were going to be festoon lights adorning the trees, candles floating on the pool and cocktails on the back terrace.

On Saturday 4th June, the wild weather hit, replacing dreams of those blue skies with flash floods and black outs. Plan B was swiftly initiated and as downpour continued outside, those who love Craig and Margot most gathered inside the marquee and watched an emotional – at times wonderfully hysterical thanks to Craig’s impromptu dance – exchange of vows.

During the ceremony a fuse flew outside with a bit of a bang. I like to think it was mother nature offering up her very own celebratory firecracker.

Congratulations Craig, Margot and all those involved in putting on such a fantastic day in the face of persistent, unyielding bad weather. This is your story.