Kirbie + Kirsty | Surprise Engagement Shoot, Old Petrie Town Brisbane

When I got Kirbie’s enquiry through to photograph what would be a surprise proposal, I was beside myself with excitement. A few phone calls and a clandestine meeting later, I met both Kirbie and Kirsty on the pretence of a standard couples shoot.

So, the plan was – I was holding a scrapbook of love letters and photos that told the story of their first 5 years together. I sat them down and then mentioned I had a “prop” that I wanted them to use in the first few frames. Kirsty must have thought I was insane.

I gave them space and started shooting one of the most amazing moments I’ve been privileged to shoot.

I have to be honest. As I watched these two agree to spend the rest of their lives together, I teared up a bit. Partly the romance – I’m a sucker for it and it’s not unusual to see me shed a tear or two behind the camera. But partly from disappointment that these two – so clearly in love, so clearly meant for each other – can’t just start planning the day they both look so forward to. They have to speak about legalities, logistics, governments, politics. And to have such bland terms hang over such an amazing moment, just seems so unfair.

Kirbie and Kirsty – what an amazing couple. I wish you all the happiness in your future together. This is your story.